A strength and conditioning program that provides people with a solid and well-balanced foundation of fitness. The program achieves this by building an important layer of strength, by moving your own body weight and by combining a wide range of objects combining into an intense interval workout. No complex, high-skill movements but simple, natural and effective movements.

What makes SWEAT unique?

Emphasis on moving correctly

We were designed to move. Modern society has influenced this vital aspect of our existence. We have lost the touch with our body. In our program movement is central. We will be using our body and external objects, so it is crucial to know how to move. Our coaches will ensure that you move correctly and safely.

Emphasis on building a solid core

In every workout, we will be putting in specific core work. We believe that having a strong core is foundational to a strong & fit body. Our abs and lower back are what keep us standing tall and upright.

Emphasis on long-term fitness

We opt for intense workouts in an interval format. This way the intensity stays up. We also want you to enjoy your life outside of the gym. Training should serve you and make you feel good and not limit you the rest of the day.  The training we will get you better and stronger at all the other stuff you do in life.

Emphasis on testing & retesting

We want you to get stronger and fitter progressively. We want you to keep track of your training. (sweat test 1, sweat test 2, sweat test 3,…)

Emphasis on getting fitter and accessory movements to strengthen the weak links

We will be building a solid base of fitness by working on various aspects of strength and conditioning. We will be moving our body, using a wide range of objects combining everything in an intense interval workout. Each session will additionally focus on strengthening the weak links by doing accessory work and specific muscle activation.

Accessible to all levels of fitness, adapted to each individual’s capacities

The workouts are simple, varied and very effective. We have eliminated all complexity and or high skill movements to make sure people can focus on working out, moving and sweating.


Dunia Khaleel

Founder of SWEAT program

We would like to welcome you all to our newest full body workout program.SWEAT targets everybody that wants to get in shape in a fun and positive environment. No barbells or complex movements just real work and lots of sweat.The program gets you results by combining full body movements and odd objects into an intense interval workout.Be ready to be inspired by our coaches and fellow members. Enjoy our great atmosphere and location.


Ladies SWEAT are classes held in a separate box to ensure privacy for all emirate women who want to workout. Similar to our mixed SWEAT program it is a class designed to use your own body weight combined with a wide range of objects to help develop a well-balanced foundation of strength and fitness.


We adopt a similar format and methodology as the mixed SWEAT. The classes combine interval workouts with simple, natural and effective movements. The focus is to maintain intensity followed by periods of rest.

Each workout is developed to provide variety and fun as. Each class is lead and briefed by a Female coach to ensure you are doing all movements safely as well to help you progress, improve and get you fitter.

Our goal is to help you feel good, we want you to walk out the door every day feeling like a better version of yourself.


SWEAT for ladies is focused on improving fitness and assisting in fat loss

The workouts are simple, varied and very effective. We have eliminated all complexity and or high skill movements to make sure you can focus on working out, moving and sweating.


Conditioning: high

Fat loss: high

Strength: medium Indoors

Equipment: high use of equipment

Experience: For all different fitness levels

Who it’s for: female only (mainly emirate women) +16yrs



Endurance is part of the general CrossFit program and aims to focus on improving people’s general conditioning. It achieves this goal by combining mono-structural modalities into a workout with a longer time domain (> 30-45minutes). It incorporates running intervals, Bike intervals, Rowing Intervals with basic and limited bodyweight movements and objects.


Doing these workouts will drastically improve your aerobic capacity and general fitness.



Working this energy pathway is important if your goal is balanced fitness.


Weight loss (high)

Fat loss (high)

Conditioning (high)

Cardio (high)

Muscle building (low)


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