Peak Beach



We have in peak Fitness many effective programs, some of them are practices outdoor, this will give you the opportunity to involve yourself with spirit nature. PEAK BEACH is a fantastic program to take advantage of UAE beautiful beaches and get a serious workout. “Workout on sand requires you to generate more force and work through a fuller range of motion, from your ankles to your hip flexors and arms. Because of the work it takes to move through


the sand, it’s a great calories burner too. A male player can burn a 550 calories per game and women up to 495 calories per game.
Sand provides resistance, so workout on the beach is inherently more demanding than workout on the box. With every step forward or move, your foot sinks into the sand and your foot and leg muscles work extra hard to push you up and propel you forward, according to exercise physiologist. That extra effort — plus the fact that your bare foot moves through its full range of motion — translates into more intense strength training for your arches, ankles and leg muscles.
Other than all those and body benefits, going to the beach has many benefits like :

  • Getting to the beach is a good stress reliever.
  • You can get your daily amount of vitamin D in just ten minutes at the beach.
  • You will absolutely get the best sleep after a day at the beach.
  • Enjoy being able to breathe easier during and after a day at the beach.



A great outdoor fitness experience at the beach. A workout that incorporates mostly bodyweight movements, the sand, the beach and a minimal amount of equipment.

  • Emphasis on a great workout in a nice outdoor setting.
  • Emphasis on combining swimming with full body movements and weighted objects. 
  • Accessible to all levels of fitness.


Outdoor (high)

Body weight movements (high)

Weight loss (medium)

Cardio (High)

Stamina (High)

Weighted Objects (limited)

Level: Beginner, All



Class held at Al Bateen Ladies only beach. These workouts incorporate mostly bodyweight movements, the sand, the beach and a minimal amount of equipment. It is a fantastic opportunity for

It is a fantastic opportunity for the ladies to experience training in a fun outdoor environment, and group setting without concern for privacy.

This class is accessible for all levels of fitness, you are encouraged bringing friends and family.




Conditioning: high

Fat loss: high

Strength: low Outdoors

Equipment: minimal

Experience: For all different fitness levels

Who it’s for: female only (mainly emirate women) +16yrs

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