Sasha Galvin

Sasha is a Peak Fitness Jumping Fitness Instructor

Born and raised in South Africa. Her Honorary qualifications are as follows, From the group of the
first Jumping Fitness Instructors in the UAE and Certified from the master instructor; Jakub Marik;
from Czech Republic. She has been the most experienced Jumping Fitness Instructor in the UAE with
classes starting from 2016 at PEAK FITNESS up until present. She was a Zumba Instructor, certified
by Steve Boedt in Dubai 2014, and Certified by the Association of International Dance Teachers
since 2008

Sasha Galvin has experience as a Jumping Fitness Instructor for Peak Fitness since 2016 until present,
she was a Specialized deep-water life saver through YWW training, and Worked in the gym industry
in South Africa at Alberton Sports and Fitness center

She was a Slimming Salon therapist: (Electronic Muscle Stimulator, Flowtron, Heat wrap). She had a
live stage performance for Hip hop and modern dancing and, finally she has been a Dance teacher
assistant for ballet.

“You can do anything that you set your mind to.”

Karima Matousi

Lesmills Coach

Karima  is a professional coach at Peak Fitness , with
Academic authentic qualifications, she was born and raised in Tunisia.
During her 10-year experience in the fitness industry, she has
accomplished a load of successful compliance in specialized personal training
level 3 and had conducted a multiple group classes as an instructor for R.P.M,
Body-pump and Body attack, all are LESMILLS training techniques.
Nevertheless, Karima was a participant in some of the United Arabs
Emirates competitions, such as (Wadi adventure race), and (Desert warrior). she
has won the 1 st place in spartan race (Al Mleiha) in 2016. On the other hand,
internationally, she had joined (The Wadi-Bih Run 50km) in Oman.
Her aim is to provide the clients with a highly standardized fitness
knowledge combined with nutritional advisees to help them to get fit and live a
healthy life.

I strongly believe that if you are fit and healthy, you can do anything you



CrossFit Coach

Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, Coach Dana AKEL comes from a professional background. Yet, she has
always had a connection to different sports since she was a kid. “My fitness journey started with Karate,
Swimming lessons, Basketball camps and believe it or not, soccer games with the boys at my
“Throughout the years, I think I got addicted to the post-training Endorphin Rush.” Her passion never
stopped growing, the desire to touch as many lives as she could, she lives by the motto “Lead by
Example”. I stepped up my game and got certified as a GX Leader and in Les Mills in 2013. I found my
true joy when I started my Crossfit training, the non-stop improvement as a person, an athlete and a
coach makes me crave for more every day. I come to break all the stereotypes and social pressure of
how women should look like, it does not matter what size or shape you are, just put in the work and
love the person you are becoming. GRLPWR
Dana has established a strong professional fitness platform and is now a HIIT and Bootcamps Coach at
Peak Fitness.

“ I know for a fact that I am a great coach when I see my clients constantly showing up to my classes and giving their best. Seeing them sweat, grunt and being part of their change is one of the best rewards I take home with me every day.”

Hermann Weber

CrossFit Coach

Coach Hermann Weber started out as a member of one peak since the box opened in
February 2015, where my fitness journey began. Born and raised in the Philippines which is
where he first started swimming and competing locally.
He has a medical educational background and a registered nurse back home.
Before being a CrossFit coaching at One Peak, he used to teach and coach swimming.
He has a Level 1, Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Strongman certifications under CrossFit.
Hermann also is a recreational Cross Fitter who joins competitions for fun and therefore, test
where is his current fitness at.

“ I am quite passionate about CrossFit and thrilled to always share my knowledge with athletes and members of One Peak.”

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