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Olympic Weightlifting


(Olympic Weightlifting) is an Olympic sport performed by the participants and called the lifters with the performance of the first two steps called the Classic Clean and Jerk. Another lift was called “Clean and Press” because it was difficult to judge the proper movement of the weightlifter. There is a difference between weight lifting, weight training, and force training. By comparing the strength training that tests the maximum strength limits of the trainee (with or without a helper), the weightlifting exercise explores explosive power and explosive movement, such as the two sniper and nitride movements, which should be quickly applied together to control weight due to the distance the lift will take during Application.


  • The first appearance of weightlifting in 1896 in Athens was canceled in 1900 and returned in 1904 and since 1920 has become a certified sport.
  • The International Weightlifting Federation was established in 1905 and had 14 international members accredited to set rules and rules for competitors and monitor international competitions.

Basic rules for lifting weights and loads

Each competitor has three attempts to hijack and three attempts to win and the winner is the one who gets a large number of attempts he has raised (kidnapping + nit = X). Each attempt is evaluated by three referees (a white flag means that the attempt is good, a red flag means a null attempt, or “not counted.”) The good attempt is to get three flags or two referees.



These categories were developed by the International Weightlifting Organization based in Budapest founded in 1905. Competitors compete in one category out of eight categories (seven for women) The category is determined by body mass weight:

  • Men’s category:  56 kg, 62 kg, 69 kg, 77 kg, 85 kg, 94 kg, 105 kg and more.
  • Women’s category:  48 kg, 53 kg, 58 kg, 63 kg, 69 kg, 75 kg, 75 kg and more.
  • Men’s category (beginners):  50 kg, 56 kg, 62 kg, 69 kg, 77 kg, 85 kg, 94 kg, 94 kg


The correct age sinter any practice weightlifting is at the time of reaching the person and often 12 years or older, but the kids can train some exercises using body weight or use light weights carefully.

And the transfer of its children in training weightlifting:

Exercises to increase the flexibility of joints in children as well as their education technique pain for the sport of Herat

Weightlifting (Kidnapping And jerk) and some Exercise Help Like the two men and exercise Clouds and exercises Shoulders And exercise the chest And others….

The children have some elements of fitness such as strength using body weight or lightweights, as well as speed, endurance, flexibility, agility, compatibility, accuracy, and other elements.

As well as giving children some psychological features such as discipline, commitment, will, determination, determination, self-confidence, and other features, which affect them in the benefit of their daily lives.




Is a set of exercises that help improve the overall health of the person and exercise properly leads to increase the strength of bones and muscles and ligament, and improve the work of joints and increase bone density, and improve the heart and circulation, and high proportion of good type of cholesterol, and exercise is done using body weight or using devices or using free weights.


  • First, we test some of the movements we use in the program (more weight can be lifted once in some movements, or as many as possible can be repeated in some other movements).
  • Exercise for 3 months at a rate of 3 days a week, the duration of each exercise hour and a 
  • Then we are doing a final test at the end of the 3 months, to note the level of progress and development in the exercise, which we have trained 
  • We train on some movements to include strengthening the whole body.


  • Perform proper exercise to avoid injuries.
  • Increase muscle strength and increase muscle size.
  • Increase self-confidence with weights.
  • Access to the body to a high level of power so that the person can then perform the movements within the crochet easy way.
  • Increase the strength of bones, muscles, and ligaments, improve joints and improve blood circulation.


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