About Us


Peak fitness is considered as the most famous fitness center in the UAE. We offer a complete multi discipline, cross training approach to fitness and well being, our facilities can take any fitness level and improve on it. Peak Fitness facilities include a combination of useful training systems which are full of energy and passion, such as, sweat, jumping and most importantly, PeakWod. By providing those three complete studio experiences, Peak Fitness takes the member to a next level where they can inspire, and challenge others to drive results. and if you struggling to build your body or suffering from weight issues or seeking to improve mood affect or flexibility. Peak Fitness has the best solution for you under one roof, with a great team of expert trainers and unique friendly and competitive atmosphere. Our place allow you to build your body, lose weight, get flexibility and building relationships with a lot of fun and family environment.


The following are the benefits of Peak Fitness:

Helps decrease body fat

Improves muscle tone

Increase energy

Assist with achieving your fitness goals much faster

Improves Athletic speed and performance

About Peak Fitness